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Sunday, May 2, 2010

To my e-bay customers,
I have little or no feedback on ebay.
The purpose of this site is to give you some assurance that The Cactus Needle is a legitamate business. I raise all of my plants from seed and grow them under optimal conditions for maximum root development. My mushroom spawn is pure and contaminate free. I provide grow info with my spawn, step by step instructions on how to fruit your mushrooms.
The Cactus Needle is a licensed nursery grower in Vermont.
Please bid with confidence.

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Growing your own mushrooms is a fun and rewarding hobby that almost always turns into a passion. Raising mushrooms can be challenging,I include detailed step by step instructions on how to raise your mushrooms with every order. Starting with contaminate free healthy spawn is a must especially for someone who is new to raising mushrooms. I curently have only seven diferent mushrooms Agaricus Blazei, lions mane, Pholiota Nameko, Turkey Tail, King Oyster, Yellow Oyster, and, Reishi. Many more will be ready soon.


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